Reading Room

Reading Room

The Spotted Bug Storybook
June 2014
“The Spotted Bug Storybook”


Canadian Groundskeeper
November 2013
“The Tale of Two Beetles: ALB and EAB”


City Trees
July/August 2013
“Successes and Vigilance in Eradicating ALB”


Crossties Magazine
Mar-April 2013
“Know It When You See It: Asian Longhorned Beetle”


Tree Services Magazine
November 2012
“A Killer in Black and White”

Digital copy: Click Here


USDA U.S. Forest Service
September 2012
“Asian Longhorned Beetle and its Host Trees”


Camping Magazine
July/August 2012
“Asian Longhorned Beetle: A Threat to Our Forests”


ArborAge Magazine
July/August 2012
“Asian Longhorned Beetle: 10 Myths and Misconceptions”

Digital copy: Click Here


Tree Services Magazine
June 2011
“Tree Health: Borers of Hardwood Trees”

Digital copy: Click Here


Sawmill & Woodlot Magazine
April 2010
“The Enemy at Our Gate”


Smithsonian Magazine
November 2009
“Invasion of the Longhorns”


Entomological Society of Washington Hardcover Book
“Revision of the genus Anoplophora (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)”


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