Beetle Busters Educators

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Downloadable Education Components

Empower kids to play a central role in saving your community’s trees with these flexible, standard-based lesson plans and activities.


Cross-curricular classroom components

  1. Beetle Busters: An Educator’s Guide to Stopping the Asian Longhorned Beetle
  2. Learning Extensions (included in the Guides above)
  3. Parent Flyer for Upper Elementary Level to reinforce classroom learning
  4. ALB Poster: Includes ALB illustrations, lifecycle, host tree information and more. Easily printed in four downloaded sections! Also available as a printable mini-poster.
  5. ALB Bookmark: Includes ALB illustrations, lifecycle, host tree information and more. Easily printed!

Additional Program Tools: for teaching the activities

  1. Supplemental Resources
    • Organized by lesson, these multimedia resources will further enliven the activities in the Guides
  2. Scouting and 4H: Related Badges and Activities
    • There are many specific badges and activities that can be met in full, or partially, by learning about, searching for, and raising awareness about the ALB.
  3. Fun with destructive pests: Make your own Asian Longhorned Beetle ring
    • Fun for a rainy day: Directions for making a beetle ring out of black construction paper, white paint and some pipe cleaners.
  4. Halloween Bug Mask Collection
    • Nature Conservancy offers a Halloween bug mask collection, which includes a mask for ALB.


Thank You To Our ALB Educators

Click here If you would like to become an ALB Educator

Become part of the mission – visit the ALB Hunt page to get even more involved in the effort; the ALB Hunt offers two quick reference worksheets that teach kids how to identify the kinds of trees that are at risk from the ALB, as well as the signs that a tree has been infested.